Overview of Individual Relief and Stimulus Funds

Stimulus Checks

Paid leave (for sickness, family care, health risk)

Unemployment, reduced hours, and work-share

Lost "Gig" or Contract/Freelance Work

Small business relief

Different Forms of Relief Aid

Many of us have lost income one way or another, or face that risk. Relief is available for most. But it depends on what the relief is for. The following are very brief summaries. Keep scrolling down for more info, links, and phone numbers.

Stimulus Checks
If you earned less than $75,000 as an individual or less than $150,000 as a couple, you qualify for the full $1200 stimulus.

Paid Sick Leave

If you are sick enough to be tested for COVID-19, you qualify for 4 days paid leave.

• If you worked as an employee (with a W-2) and earned at least $2500, you must file for unemployment. You qualify for the normal unemployment benefit plus $600/week.
If your hours were reduced below 32/week, you may also qualify for benefits
• Your employer can also sign up for work-share program instead of laying you off.

Freelance, Contract, or "Gig" work

• If you work freelance (not for an employer, no W-2) you may be eligible for compensation from the PUA program.
• But beware, if you have income from both freelance and regular employment, your benefits may suffer.

Small Businesses

Some MH owners run businesses and have seen a loss of income. You may qualify for disaster hardship grants, bridge loans, and if you have employees, for paycheck protection (PPP) assistance.

Onward Colorado

Lost work? Onward Colorado steers you to resources for:
• Emergency money, food, shelter
• Job training
• Job search

Vox Explainer

The folks at Vox.com explain what's available and how to get it, including:
• The $600/week extra stipend
• What's available for "gig" workers (freelancers, contract workers)
• Who qualifies for what?
• What documents you need

General Loss of Income Resource Guides

General guides and help for when you've lost income

Stimulus Checks

Where's my check?

How to navigate through the confusion

NCLC Guide to filing for and receiving your Federal stimulus check

The guide in the above link, by the National Consumer Law Center helps you navigate through the maze:

• Who is eligible, and for how much
• What you have to do
• When to expect checks
• How to make sure you don't fall through the cracks

Paid Sick Leave In Colorado

Summary of Gov. Polis' Paid Sick Leave Executive Order
By the Civil Practice Clinic at CU Law
• Who qualifies?
• Additional sick leave?
• Documentation and notifications?
• Employers required to provide sick leave

Gov. Polis' Executive Order

Paid Sick Leave

Colorado now mandates 4 paid days of sick leave if you think you may have COVID-19 symptoms and intend to get tested.

Read more about it at these links

Unemployment & Reduced Employment

If you've worked as an employee at any time in the last year (with a W-2), and made over $2500, these resources may help you.

State Unemployment Guide

• File a regular unemployment claim
• File a PUA claim as self-employed (for gig, contract, freelance work)
• Return to work guidance
• Job search

Onward Colorado

• Unemployment benefits
• Emergency money, food, shelter
• Job training
• Job search

Workshare Program Instead of Lay-offs

Worried about being laid off?
• Have your employer contact the Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE), who can suggest workshare alternatives

Reduced Hours

You may be eligible for unemployment benefits if your hours have been reduced to less than 32 hrs. per week, and you earn less than you would if receiving UI.

Benefit Estimator

• Try this to find out how much you may receive

Mixed Work — An Unhappy Restriction

Story from Colorado Public Radio
• If you've worked as both a regular employee and as a freelance/gig worker, you'll be disqualified for PUA compensation.
• You will only receive the percentage of benefits you earned from regular employment.

CDLE Page for Applying for PUA and PUEA Relief Funds — Instructions for Freelancers

This link takes you directly to the State's page to begin applying for aid.

Guide to Navigating the State Unimployment Benefits System

• A readable guide from the folks at the Colorado Independent

Lost Freelance or "Gig" Work

Freelance work (independent contractors) qualify for PUA and PUEA relief funds

How to get benefits

Problems with mixed regular and freelance employment

Small Business Support

Many of our members' operate their own small businesses

Here are resources

Colorado State COVID-19 Business Resource Center

• What's available and how to apply
• Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
• Economic Disaster Injury Loans and Advice
• Bridge Loans
• SBA debt relief
• Others sources of support

Summary of the CARES Act
Small Business Aid

General summary of CARES Act requirements and provisions for small business relief:

• Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
• SBA Debt Relief
• Economic Disaster Injury Grants
• Bridge Loans
• Advice and Counseling

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