2022 Bills

Two new bills have been introduced to the 2022 legislative session:

HB22-1287 — Protections For Mobile Home Park Residents

SB22-160 — Loan Program for Resident-Owned Communities

You can read the text of each bill, and follow their legislative history by following links above. Keep scrolling down for quick summaries below.

You can also find more updates, news, and information at:

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Bill-Related Hearings & Events

First Committee Hearing for HB22-1287:
House Transportation and Local Government Committee
Wed. March 23, 1:30pm

First Committee Hearing for SB22-160:
Senate Local Government Committee
*Schedule to come


Protections For Mobile Home Park Residents

• Stabilizes lot rent by limiting rent increases to 3% or inflation (CPI), whichever is higher.

• Enhances MHP residents' Opportunity to Purchase rights, by extending the time to make an offer, better ensuring good faith negotiations; and increasing enforcement against sales that violate the MHP Act.

• Adds a number of important protections to the Mobile Home Park Act, including protecting homeowners' rights to control their homes, rights to sell them; rights against excessively costly rules; and more. 

• Enhances the MHP Oversight Program by adding expedited processing; providing for anonymous complaints; and allowing the Attorney General to investigate and enforce the MHP Act.

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Loan Program for Resident-Owned Communities

• Establishes a revolving loan and grant program for resident groups attempting to purchase their parks.

•  Provides for at least 2 and up to 3 outside fund administrators, and accountability mechanisms.

•  Aims to provide financing that allows residents to purchase their parks while keeping rents affordable.

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